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Fall 2020

Week 15 - Skills Week:

Business Letters

Please bring a laptop or tablet with you for in-class exercises

Thursday, December 5


  • BC Chap 2 "Startup Strategies" pp 25-26 (Free writing)

  • BC Chap 5 "Everyday Writing" pp 67-72 ("Business Letters That Do the Job")


GROUP SUBMIT (in class): Practice business letter (from Letter Types List)

LESSON: Business letters - Principals & critique

 This page is currently under construction from Week 14 down.

Please check back for updated links and resources. 

Special Announcement (Tuesday, September 7, 1 pm):

For my afternoon section only: Class will begin at 2:30 today. Please use the same Zoom link you used last week (you’ll find it at the top of our course page in iLearn and in the welcome letter I sent you all at the start of the term) to log in to class today at 2:30 instead of 2.


Content Links


Presentation Support





Sample memo #2 (pdf file)

Rogerian vs Classical Argument

Fact-based Argument

Dates & Deadlines

First day of class: Jan 26

Labor Day recess: Sep 7

Add/Drop deadline: Sep 14

Veteran's Day recess: Nov 11

Withdraw deadline: Nov 16

Thanksgiving recess: Nov 23-27

Last day of class: Dec 9

Last day of term: Dec 18



Samples, Templates & Guides

Readings Archive

Miscellaneous Readings *password protected

Miscellany Media Links

What Makes an A Paper?

How Do I Make it Longer?

Pronunciation Key

Notetaking Checklist

Notetaking Skills

Notetaking Methods

Cornell Notes

Cornell Notes - annotated template

Cornell Notes - Template shell 2

What is a Double-Entry Journal?

Sample Double-Entry Journal

Sample Annotated Text

Glossed Text 1

Glossed Text 2

KWLS Chart template

Sample KWLS Chart

Sample Vocabulary Log

Annotation Guide

Course Evaluation

Questions for Analysis

What is Comparative Writing?

The Comparative Method

Comparative Analysis

Comparative Models

Sample Annotated List 1

How to Cite a Book

How to Cite a Website

How to Cite a Work from an Anthology

How to Cite an Article from a Periodical

How to Cite an Article from a Database

Annotated Works Cited lists

Preparing Annotated Works Cited lists

Works Cited list sample 1

Works Cited List sample 2

Template list

What is Plagiarism?

7 Rules of Thumb

Plagiarism Examples

Avoiding Plagiarism Checklist

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