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SFSU Course Archive

Below are archived versions of completed weeks of instruction. Please refer to your main SFSU page linked on the menu bar above to find current lesson plans and course materials.

Week 1
Course Introductions
January 30-31

Course orientation & website introduction; Week 2 assignment description

Week 2
Argument Patterns Overview
February 6-7
  • Argument Analysis ESSAY (2 pp minimum)  (Canvas)

  • Canvas Profile (headshot & narrative)  (Canvas)


Everything's an Argument (EA): Chapter 1 "Understanding Arguments and Reading them Critically" pp 3-29

Business Communication (BC): Chapter 1 "Good Writing" pp 1-15

NYT Opinion Pages "Room for Debate"  (web)


The Rules 

Proofreading Notes

Common Error Patterns

Quotation Integration Strategies

File Naming Guide

Formatting Template

MLA Citation Quick Guide

Essay Rubric Explanation


Types of argument & writing strategies overview

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