SFSU College of Business | BUS 714 - Elements of Business Writing

Spring 2021 | Section: 02Z-10656 (Wed 2-4:45 online via Zoom)

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Week 14 - 
Unit Introduction: RFPs & Proposals
Wednesday, April 28

EA Chap 12 "Proposals" pp 286-305

BWC "Proposals" pp 120-132

BWC "Formal Reports" pp 176-201

Project Proposal/RFP Assignment Description

Proposals at a glance

Getting started: Writing a proposal

Checklists for proposal writing

Business Plans vs Business Proposals  (weblink)

REVIEW (You are NOT required to read all of the items linked below. Read and refer to                     them only as needed throughout the proposal unit):
* Please Note: The resources below are LARGE scanned files:
Some may take time to load on your machine

Deadline Tips for Proposal Writing

Internal Proposals

  1. Sample Internal Proposal - Watershed Protection

External Proposals, pt 1

External Proposals, pt 2

  1. Sample External Proposal 1 - Stationary Bike

  2. Sample External Proposal 2 - Community Exercise

  3. Sample External Proposal 3 - Investment Strategy

  4. Sample External Proposal 4 - Real Estate Development

Request for Proposals (RFP)

  1. Sample RFP I - Website Development

  2. Sample RFP 2 - Building Redevelopment

  3. Sample RFP 3 - Sustainability

  4. Sample RFP 4 - Shuttle Service

  5. Sample RFP 5 - Solid Waste Reduction

  6. Sample RFP 6 - Uber Community Program


Business Proposal Template  (weblink)

Proposal Sample Template

Grant Proposal Template

Blank Template I

Blank Template II

Proposal writing & planning
Week 15 -
Proposal planning & writing workshop
Wednesday, May 5

PenandthePad.com | How to Write an Abstract for a Proposal  (web link)

Writing an Abstract

Sample Abstract Template

  1. Ss sample abstract 1

  2. Ss sample abstract 2

  3. Ss sample abstract 3

  4. Ss sample abstract 4


Group project development

Week 16 -
Project presentation & critique
Wednesday, May 12

General Scoring Rubric


Proposal will be screen shared for the class to review while your group informally presents its work for discussion and critique

Dates & Deadlines

First day of class: Jan 27

Add/Drop deadline: Feb 12

Spring Break Recess: March 22-26

César Chávez Day Recess: Mar 31

Withdraw deadline: Apr 19

Last day of class: May 12

Last day of term: May 21

Assignment Descriptions​

Argument Analysis

Project Narrative

Group Write

Cover Letter

Definition/Toulmin Exercise

Midterm Exam


Project Proposal/RFP