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Week 8
Wednesday, March 17
  • Cover Letter FINAL VERSION (1/2 - 1 page)  (iLearn)


EA Chap 7 pp 143-163 on Toulmin argumentation

EA Chap 9 "Arguments of Definition" pp 197-223

Toulmin Midterm Essay Assignment Description


The Toulmin Model of Argument

Toulmin Argument  (YouTube)


Definition argument diagramming model

Toulmin diagramming model

Sample essay w/ diagramming & prompt

Sample essay w/ diagramming


Structuring arguments of definition & the Toulmin model

Week 9
Wednesday, March 24

  Spring Break - No class this week  


Week 10
Wednesday, March 31

  César Chávez Day - No class today  

Week 11
Wednesday, April 7
  No class this week - Please read, study & submit the items listed below  

EA Chap 5 "Fallacies of Argument" pp 79-95

EA Chap 6 "Rhetorical Analysis" pp 97-130

15 Logical Fallacies  (web)
15 Common Logical Fallacies  (web)
10 Logical Fallacies  (YouTube)
Thinking Logically: Deduction & Induction  (web)
Deduction & Induction  (YouTube)

Logical fallacies practice & review

Week 12 -
Workshop: Definition Arguments & The Toulmin Framework
Wednesday, April 16
NYT "Sex Ed" opinion piece
Sample Toulmin in-class practice exercise
Sample Toulmin discussions w/ labeling

GMAT sample questions

Tips for writing timed essays

How to Write a Great Essay Quickly  (YouTube)


Group work: Outlining a Toulmin argument


Week 13 -
In-course Essay (via iLearn):
Definition Arguments & The Toulmin Model
Friday, April 23

  Online midterm exam - No In-class meeting this week  


Dates & Deadlines

First day of class: Jan 27

Add/Drop deadline: Feb 12

Spring Break Recess: March 22-26

César Chávez Day Recess: Mar 31

Withdraw deadline: Apr 19

Last day of class: May 12

Last day of term: May 21

Assignment Descriptions​

Week 2 Argument Analysis

Week 5 - Project Narrative

Week 7 - Group Write

Week 7 - Cover Letter (draft)

Week 8 - Cover Letter (final)

Week 11 - Definition Exercise

Week 12 - Midterm Exam

Week 15 - Project Abstract

Week 16 - Proposal